Who says CBD is just for people? Pets love our veterinarian-formulated soft chews, with CBD that doesn’t break down in the baking process, and starts absorbing right in the mouth.

Phyto-bite soft chews provide relaxation for your pets whether you are home or away.

Why choose our soft chews?

There’s a problem with the CBD crunchy treats on the market: their CBD content is typically sprayed on before the baking process, causing the CBD to break down in the oven, delivering less product to your pet. We think your pet deserves better.

Soft chews deliver CBD in a 2-step release process. When your pet ingests a soft chew, CBD is first absorbed in the mouth, with additional CBD absorbed in the stomach. In short, our soft chews deliver more CBD into your pet’s system, faster. With tasty ingredients that animals love, soft chews are destined to be a hit with your furriest family member.

  • Primary cannabinoid: CBD
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