Learn about how our Standards review process simplifies the vetting process for buyers

What is Hemp Products Connect?

Hemp Products Connect was created to simplify the exploration, discovery and selection of Hemp & CBD consumer products for retail distribution. This platform will collect and showcase critical information about brands and products to help retailers make educated and informed decisions related to hemp products. Hemp Products Connect will be the gateway to responsible companies that care about the quality of their products and the safety of their users. Backed by New Hope Network Standards, this platform will be a space to showcase companies in the industry who are transparent and accountable.

Application & Listing Review

If you are a company who currently makes CBD or hemp derived products and wish to join Hemp Products Connect, you will need to show us a few things. Our review process will check for what we believe are the most important factors related to safety, transparency, reliability, and clarity for consumers. That means that when you apply, you will be asked to provide various documents and answers to questions related to your operations and how you maintain them. We will be checking product packaging and display material to confirm that marketing claims and labeling adhere to proper guidelines based on intended use.

Along with checking marketing materials, we will be looking for lab results to confirm the potency of the product as displayed on the label. We will also confirm that products undergo proper testing for any residual solvents, microbial contaminants, heavy metals, and pesticides. In addition to this product examination, companies will be encouraged to display why they are proud to be in the hemp industry with answers to questions regarding vertical integration, organic practices, quality control, innovative research, and more.

  • New Hope Network Standards

As part of the compliance program for Hemp Products Connect, we will expect products to adhere with New Hope Network’s Hemp and Cannabinoid policy. Some main points to remember when applying to the platform are:

  • Products cannot contain more than 0.3% delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • Disease claims and all claims explicitly rejected by the FDA are prohibited
  • All statements must be substantiated
  • Transparency, clarity, and truthfulness in the labeling are required
  • Responsibility and care for vulnerable populations are required
  • Vapes and vape accessories are prohibited
  • Devices, including patches, are required to have appropriate FDA clearance
  • Approval is on a product-by-product basis
  • Non-hemp derived products will not be accepted on this platform

    In addition to the New Hope Network Hemp and Cannabinoid Policy, products containing artificial ingredients, colors, or flavoring will be prohibited. All bio-identical and synthetic cannabinoid products will be prohibited.
    It is important to remember that acceptance to display a cannabinoid product on Hemp Products Connect is NOT a determination that the product complies with all local, state, and federal laws, all of which may vary. Neither is it, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. Companies should always seek the advice of a qualified attorney.

    Accepted Product Types on Hemp Products Connect

    Hemp Products Connect is a B2B directory intended to connect interested retail buyers with Hemp & CBD finished products and brands. This platform supports hemp-derived cannabinoid containing and non-cannabinoid containing dietary supplements, foods and beverages, topicals and pet products. We do NOT accept any cannabis products with >0.3% THC, vape products, medical devices, non-hemp derived nor synthetic CBD products.

    While the platform is not currently optimized for other types of hemp-derived products (textiles, industrial materials, home/office supplies. accessories etc.) or supply chain services (growers, processors, manufacturers, analytical labs etc.), we know these are important too. Please register your email below so we can share upcoming developments that will allow Hemp Products Connect to support these business types. Contact us now to see if you’re a good fit for Hemp Products Connect!