Upstate Elevator Supply Full Spectrum CBD Salmon Oil for Pets provides your furry friend with all the benefits associated with CBD combined with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. Wild caught salmon oil has EPA and DHA which are healthy and essential Omega-3 fatty acids that provide crucial nutrients for healthy coat, skin and body.

Blended with a healthy serving of our Full Spectrum CBD, this potent tonic can help your dog or cat lead a calmer, healthier and happier life. The CBD Salmon Oil should be administered orally or on food. Our dropper has precise volume indications to ensure easy and replicable dosing. Symptom response can be achieved in as little as 10-20 minutes after administration. The oil is a great option for anyone looking to introduce CBD to their favorite pet.

Serving Size: 8mg CBD; 250mg per 30ml bottle

Recommended Daily Use:

<25lbs – ½ Dropper (4mg)25-50lbs – 1 Dropper (8mg)

Ingredients: Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, Organic MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

  • Single farm source Ethanol extraction Tested for cannabinaoid profile Source of CBD: Full spectrum Primary cannabinoid: CBD Batch testing available
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