Hemp Mellow offers 25mg of full spectrum cannabinoids per capsule. Using our patent-pending delivery method, Nature's Delivery System™, our cannabinoids absorb more effectively than other CBD products, offering a better experience, every time. 

Our Hemp Mellow Capsules offer the highest legal amount of hemp based THC while keeping the CBD costs at a minimum. In addition to the 0.29% THC content in our product Hemp Mellow Capsules utilize Natures Delivery System™ (NDS).

NDS™ is a patent pending delivery system which utilizes the power of Mother Nature to deliver cannabinoids more efficiently and effectively than any other method. Our proprietary technology bypasses the liver's first pass metabolism utilizing the complete spectrum of cannabinoids in the most efficient manner of ingestion possible.

As a result, instead of losing up to 90% of the active ingredient in the livers first pass metabolism, our products are distributed to the bloodstream first, utilizing almost all of the active ingredients. A difference you will certainly feel in our products. 

  • Single farm source Subcritical CO2 extraction, ethanol extraction Tested for terpenes Tested for cannabinaoid profile Source of CBD: Full spectrum Primary cannabinoid: CBD Batch testing available
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